Preference Toric XR 4 pack

Buy 2 boxes in total (1 boxes for the left eye, 1 boxes for the right eye) and get an extra 5% discount. Discount will be reflected in your shopping cart.

Preference toric contact lenses provide great vision, comfort, and durability for those with astigmatism, and they are designed for easy use. These quarterly planned replacement lenses are made from Tetrafilcon A lens material. They also have a light blue handling tint. And for those with a high level of astigmatism, the extended power ranges of Preference® Toric XR contact lenses provide a great alternative or addition to glasses.

Product Name:

Preference Toric XR 4 pack

Base Curve 8.4, 8.7
Diameter 14.4
4-pack, 1 lens per vial

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